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Service Profile

Excel Haulage Ltd is a subsidiary of Excel Courier Ghana Ltd and was formed as a limited liability Company in April 2005.


Apart from providing haulage and logistics services for Excel Courier, a subsidiary of the Excel Group, Excel Haulage has been structured to partner with Companies in the Mining Sector as well as other related Industries to haul mineral ore as well as similar bulk items for them.

In line with this, the company has signed a contract with Ghana Bauxite Company Ltd to do road haulage of bauxite from Awaso to the Takoradi Port to augment their rail haulage activities and as at now, Excel is the sole road hauler of bauxite for Ghana Bauxite Company.

In this era of diversification and specialization, companies with such haulage needs are finding it prudent to outsource those aspects of their operations in order to make it more efficient.

In addition, outsourcing these haulage needs relieves them of the burden of repairs and buying of trucks and parts to service them. Outsourcing enables such businesses to concentrate on their core business of production.

Again the poor railway network that these companies used to rely on is hampering their operations, thus making it imperative to switch to road haulage to supplement that of haulage by rail.  


This premium service is designed to meet the requirement of both individuals and corporate clients with very urgent local courier needs.

This service guarantees same day delivery of mail within Accra and Tema. For items meant for delivery in Takoradi, Cape Coast and Kumasi, same day delivery is guaranteed only when parcels are picked up before 11:00am.


Our domestic mail delivery covers all the Regions and districts as well as prime geographical business centres.

We have the necessary infrastructure in these locations to facilitate the efficient delivery of mails to our clients and regional offices. We also arrange customized delivery to certain specific locations that our clients may require.


This innovative and attractive service demonstrates our commitment to the non-profit sector of the economy. This service allows NGOs, Churches, Educational Institutions and Diplomatic Missions to cut down on administrative expenses. Though these bodies would enjoy attractive rates which are lower as compared to our standard rates, they would enjoy additional benefits such as:

· Free pick-up services

· Regular proof of delivery feedback

· 30 days credit facility

· Attractive discount of 1% - 15% depending on monthly renewal

· Usage of Excel seal pack envelopes

Same as enjoyed is by our corporate clients who pay standard rates.


This service brings relief to parents and guardians of boarding school students. Excel Courier student service affords customers the opportunity to forward secured packages to our offices to be delivered to their wards in boarding schools across the country.


Our logistics and haulage division provides bulk haulage services at competitive rates. This product allows our clients to enjoy safe, reliable and secure haulage service provided by our fleet of vans and trucks and friendly staff with tremendous experience in the industry.


Many a times companies bear the burden of recruiting dispatch riders or drivers to undertake mail delivery service. In effect the company buys its own bikes, maintains it, insures it and buys fuel. When there is an accident the burden of paying hospital bills rests on the company and until the rider recovers, extra expenses are incurred to ensure that urgent documents are delivered. Cheques from clients are also picked up at extra cost. The company also pays social security for the rider.

With this service, companies are relieved of this burden. Once the business of mail delivery is outsourced to us, the responsibility shifts to us and the company concentrates on its core operations.

The service places a dispatch rider(s) and motor bike(s) at the client disposal. The rider would work for your company at normal working hours including weekends at no extra cost to the client. Should there be any eventuality, a replacement would be offered.


To enable us provide the most efficient and reliable services to our valued clients, Excel Courier has entered into partnership with Universal Express worldwide based in Dubai. Our international mail service covers most countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and Australia.



To ensure reliability, security and quick delivery, we have installed a computerized track and trace software at our various offices to enable us and our clients keep track of mails from pick up to delivery.


We have a sizeable number of motorbikes to facilitate same day delivery of documents within the Accra-Tema Metropolis.

Additionally, our Regional offices have been allocated tow bikes each. All our motorbikes are new from Honda Ghana Limited and regular maintenance checks are provided.

In additional we have vans to transport mails to our regional offices, to facilitate  
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